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Scientific Name: Campanula rotundifolia
Alternative Names: Bluebell of Scotland

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Campanula rotundifolia
Campanula rotundifolia


  • Perennial
  • Bluebell is native to Great Britain, Northern Europe and Canada.
  • It has a colourful folkloric history.
  • In Scotland it is the symbol of the MacDonald clan and was once used in the manufacturing of a blue dye used to tint tartans.
  • Bluebell is a slender rhizomatous, upright perennial wildflower with bright green foliage and a sturdy taproot.
  • It grows up to 15 – 20cm in height and in summer, bears pendant bell shaped violet blooms in terminal racemes.
  • Although it’s delicate appearance the Bluebell is very hardy and can tolerate drought, shallow, rocky infertile sites and acid or alkaline soils.
  • It is pest resistant and will grow best in sun or light shade with good drainage.
  • Bluebell is a Butterfly Nectar Plant and will fit into any garden - even into the smallest area.
  • It will decline if shaded by aggressive companions.
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