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Common Name: GOAT'S RUE
Scientific Name: Galega officinalis

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  • Perennial
  • Goat's Rue is a hardy, clump-forming perennial with pinnate leaves, divided into 9-17 lance-shaped leaflets.
  • Bears white flowers similar to those in the pea family, in summer.
  • Prefers poor garden soil and full sun and can be propagated by sowing seeds in spring.
  • Can be cut back if growing too straggly/ to promote a 2nd flowering or when it outgrows it position.
  • In spring and autumn of the 2nd or 3rd year the root ball can be divided and replanted.
  • Goat's Rue has been extensively cultivated as a forage crop, an ornamental, a bee plant and as green manure.

Parts Used

  • All the aboveground parts are cut as flowering begins and dried for medicinal use.

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • Goat's Rue was once an important herb in the treatment of snakebite, plague, infectious diseases, fevers and intestinal parasites - hence the German name of 'Pestilenzkraut'.
  • Today Goat's Rue is said to be the most effective herb in the stimulation of milk production in nursing mothers.
  • It is taken internally to treat insufficient lactation, late-onset diabetes, pancreatitis and digestive problems, especially chronic constipation caused by a lack of digestive enzymes. Caution:
  • Only for use by professional practitioners in the treatment of diabetes.

For Animals. It is said that

  • Also increases lactation for domestic stock such as goats, horses and cows.
  • Validated research in France showed that, in cows given Goat's Rue, milk yields were increased by 35-50%.
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